Would you still like me outside of the person you know now? Outside of the “church” lingo and attire? If you knew some of the things I have done? Not always the nice person, Not the girl you want dating your son, definitely not the girl next door. Illegal activity, adulterous, murderer(with my mouth). Broke most if not all of the 10 Commandments. I’m not the girl you would want your girlfriend, wifey, wife, or chick on the side hanging with. Don’t get me wrong,I did some “good” things. I gave money to the homeless. I held the door for the elderly, etc. I have a past. I have a history. It’s not all pretty and neat. It doesn’t fit into a nice little box with a bow attached. But one day—I heard the Good news. The gospel of Jesus Christ. I heard of Christ unconditional love and grace. Thank God-I met Him. Thank God, He came to me where I was. Thank God I didn’t meet some of you,” so-called” Christians with your “good” works-passing judgement and condemnation. I would have been sentenced to death. By the Law. I accepted Him as my personal Lord & Savior. He accepted me with open arms. He forgave my past , present and future sins.I received Him by faith. Thank God for Romans 5-17-19. He has been merciful to my unrighteousness. My sins and iniquities-He remembers no more. I’ve been redeemed. Restored. I’m the righteousness of God. So while you’re still looking at the old me-He sees me through the Blood of His Son. I’ve been forgiven and set free who cares what you think about me.


Wilt thou be made whole?

After reading John 5:6, I find it interesting that Jesus asked the man, IF he wanted to be made whole. You would think that you wouldn’t have to ask. What a silly question. right? I’m finding out ,it is in fact a rather great question to ask. Some people are not ready to be made whole. They are addicted to their addictions, married to their misery. They’ve been telling the same story for ┬áso long-they’re actually terrified to tell another one. Deliverance can be a terrifying thing-I mean what do you do when you no longer require the crutch that’s been holding you up for so long? How do you begin a new day when everything has changed? Being set free of the thing that has held you captive for as long as you can remember. When your identity has become entangled with the bondage.How do you begin again when Jesus tells you, to take up your bed and walk? When He tells you to pick up the very thing that’s supported the condition that’s held you captive and now walk with it?

Simply-Trust Him! Believe in, rely on-be confident in, His love for you!!!!!!!!!