I will be taking a break from the blogging world and other social media sites for a few weeks in January. I am going to take the time to fast and spend more time in the word. So many decisions have to be made this year and I want to make sure I am going in the right direction. I have been faced with the same issue in a certain area for years now and I am finally ready to confront it and get rid of it. In order to do that I need the wisdom of God. He knows exactly how I need to attack this issue so I am going in for VERY specific warfare tactics.

When I read the bible they went before The Lord and used prayer and fasting to get instructions before the battle,after the battle, for answers to prayers, etc.

Moses Fasted Before Receiving the Commandments – Deuteronomy 9:9-18

David Mourning His Child’s Illness – 2 Samuel 12:1-23

Elijah Fasted While Escaping Jezebel – 1 Kings 19:4-8

Ezra Fasted While Mourning Over Sin – Ezra 10:6-17

Esther Fasted for the Safety of the Jews – Esther 4:15-17

Darius Fasted For the Safety of Daniel – Daniel 6:18-23

Daniel Fasted for an Answer to Prayer – Daniel 10:1-3

Jesus Fasted Before Temptation by Satan – Matthew 4:1-2

Paul Fasted After His Conversion – Acts 9:1-9

Church Elders in Antioch Fasted Before Sending out Missionaries – Acts 13:1-3

These are just a few examples of fasting found in scripture.

This year I fully intend to get VICTORY in every area of my life. I want something that I’ve never had so I must do something I’ve never done.

I enlist your prayers.

Pray For Me!

Shalom My Friends



Happy New Year!!!!!!

Welcome to 2015!!! The first day of a brand new year. One that we have never seen before. Today is a fresh start. Whatever we have purposed to do let us do it with Christ as the center of it all.

Hubby and I brought the New Year in honoring God as we do every year. Our pastor gave us a great word that has showed us where to shift our focus. So for 2015 we now know where our focus is.

Colossians 1:27 is our scripture for the year.

For me, today I started Day 1 of an intense bible reading plan that will have me reading through the entire O.T. once and the N.T. three times throughout the year. I’ve never read the whole bible all the way through but I’ve always wanted to. What a great day to start as my focus is on Christ in me.

What are some goals that you have for the new year? What would you like to accomplish this year? Whatever that may be for you I pray great success.

Psalm 20:4