It’s so good to be back!

It has been a while since I have sat down and wrote to you all. Not because you haven’t been on my mind because you have. My life has taken an awesome turn due to God’s blessing me with my new job. He has opened up a wonderful door of opportunity for me. And quite honestly I haven’t known how to manage both my new work schedule, being a wife and keeping up with the demands of blogging. My how I’ve  gone through a complete transition trying to get on a consistent schedule. As you know my writing to you comes out of my study time and I haven’t been able to just sit ,study and meditate the Word. 

With that being said I know that He will grace me with better time management as I continue to stay before Him and listen for the plan. 
The last post that I wrote I was about to start a 31 day corporate fast with my church. That fast was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. He gave answers to things that have been before our family. My job came through during that fast. New connections were made and I feel refreshed, renewed and energized. I feel more steady in my walk with the Lord. My feet feel anchored in Him. 
Our pastor has been teaching for a good two months on “trusting” God. I have to almost laugh because my husband and I have been faced with every opportunity where we had to make a quality decision to trust God. I mean crazy things have happened. Unexplainable things. And right in the middle of it all we have both heard our pastor’s words from past sermons. In those moments we both decided to speak out loud, “Lord we decide to trust you and know that You love us”. And every instance He worked it out for our good. Proving  Romans 8:28 
over and over again. 
Faith is both a personal encounter and daily lifestyle!

Until next time…….

Shalom my friends

2 thoughts on “It’s so good to be back!

    • Thank you Caroline :-)………
      I’ve been reading your blog and it is daily a blessing to me. I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to be naked before your readers. I feel so blessed to be connected to you.

      I heard a song for the first time the other day ,as I listened , I thought of you. It is called “Be Fruitful” by VaShawn Mitchell.

      In my journey believing God for our children I’ve never heard a song that speaks so clearly to what I needed to hear. That song I now keep on repeat.

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