Happy Saturday! I pray that all is well with you and your families. I pray that the God of peace is resting on your house.

Things with me are going well. Each day God is adding to Kevin and I, we are increasing, flourishing and thriving. I can now say, This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. 

Today I want to write and share with you on the topic of stewardship. Our church has been in a two month series entitled, “Reconciling Financial Prosperity With The Grace Of God”

We have sat and heard some radical life transforming teaching, both of us have grown tremendously from it. We have learned how much God truly loves us and wants us to prosper in every area of our lives. God is not mad with us. He is not even in an bad mood where we are concerned. To both Kevin & I that is the point our whole lives changed. Our ears had heard The Good News. We have been hearing The Gospel preached. We have been given the freedom to take our eyes off of what we do and to switch our focus to what Jesus has already done for us. We have begun to just FREELY receive everything that has been made available to us through the finished work of Jesus. We have learned that God doesn’t need our help, He needs our trust. We are now in the posture and position of trust. 
Because of these teachings we have become stewardship minded. 
Steward-manager over the affairs of another
Personally I have learned from this series, that I am the manager over the blog that God has entrusted me with. I am responsible for the content that is shared here, from these pages you will always find truth that promotes growth and change. I had become so overwhelmed with the thought that I wasn’t blogging on a consistent basis. I had been reading all the blog how to’s and what not to do’s. But Holy Spirit so kindly interrupted me and sweetly reminded me that this blog and it’s content comes from Him. Not my great writing ability. And He is right. I refuse to publish anything that He hasn’t given me to write to you. At the point I begin to do that it is no longer about Him. It becomes all about me. All of the blogging tips out there are great resources but as for me , I , can’t mix the opinions of others with the clear direction I have received from God. I cannot mix a great idea with a God idea. 
My priority is still to write to you and bring you awesome content but the consistency of that content will be what He gives me and I believe He places on my heart to share. I  have realized that I can not place my feet in the shoe prints of others and walk in there way.

It’s one thing to say, Lord I submit my way to you and quite another to actually release the reigns and allow Him to direct the way that we go. 
God is the source, for all of our needs. He is our supply house. We look to Him to take care of us. As I grow on this journey I invite you to come along and grow with me. 
Until next time,
Shalom my friends