Celebration of Gospel

Tonight for the very first time I watched “Celebration of Gospel”, and I chose to watch it with Social Media via Twitter.
I must say that I was so disappointed with all the harmful hurtful tweets that were trending. When did we become so judgmental and mean? When did we begin to use our mouths to curse what God has blessed?
When did we become executioners of our fellow brothers/sisters in Christ? How does God get the glory out of that?
The world is watching and we wonder why when we preach Jesus they call us hypocrites. We wonder why they don’t want our God.
When did we become the excuser of the brethren? Putting one another down for our hair and style choices.
Snapped and snatched will not see the Kingdom advanced if it’s not with power and purpose.
These signs are supposed to be following us who believe. Demons are supposed to tremble when we speak Jesus.
Instead we have become a weak watered down version of the bride of Christ.
Our mouths were never created to speak what we didn’t want to see happen yet we use it to create soul wounds on the very brother/sister who may be called to cover us in prayer.
Hating on the very songs that get frequent radio spins not realizing that their is a prophetic anointing released in the spirit realm when certain songs are played. What will we do when we get to heaven and the angels are crying holy,holy,holy continuously non-stop ? Because we definitely will not be able to change the station.

This year many will be amazed at the great number of Hollywood who come out of the closet as Christians who love the Lord.
Our Father has many children who He has kept hidden from the eyes of men, they have been strategically placed in places He couldn’t place others because of religion.

What happened to the grace that was extended to us? Some have been in church to long.
What is going to happen when God shakes up what church looks like?