In today’s society, lets think about the value of asking for help.

How weird does that sound to your ears? As I type it out my flesh is screaming at me.
In a generation of selfies, ear buds and hand held devices designed to keep us wrapped up in our self. (Which is causing selfishness.)

How are we to speak to our neighbor as a simple hello, when we don’t look up long enough to make eye contact with the person right next to us?

We don’t really “know” anyone to have a relationship with them. I remember growing up in a neighborhood; everybody knew everybody. When a strange face came in everyone knew it. There was a sense of community.

Today do we know our neighbors? How about I just give you the answer. NO!
I remember neighbors would come by just to check on you to see if everything was ok, if you needed anything.

That sounds so foreign in the culture that we live in today. Where we don’t even talk to people. We text as a generic form of communication. And now we don’t even use words its been dwindled down to emoji’s.
When is the last time you heard the voice of the person you text the most? When is the last time you asked them how they were doing? I mean how they were REALLY doing.

When I turn on the news or pick up a paper to read it; without fail there is another suicide. Someone taking their life. How are we progressively as a people losing precious lives?

Genesis 2:18
And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone;

I know this passage of scripture is generally used for marriage. But today lets look at it in all areas of our lives. We were not created for isolation. That is not God’s will. It is not His best for our lives. We were created for friendship. We were created for relationship. We were created to socialize.

Today lets us all create an environment where it is safe for someone to ask us for help. Let us serve.

Until next time.

Shalom my friends